Sunday, January 06, 2008

Christmas Pressies...

We opened our Christmas presents today.

Here is what I got...

Lee and Bertie
Cat sign
After-shave 'Woods of Windsor'

Formula 1 book
HMV Voucher

Jo and Janet
Laser cat toy
Clinique toiletries

Kenneth Turner scented candle

PC World voucher

Mae and Denis
DVD - The Day the Earth Stood Still
DVD - Doctor Who 'The Runaway Bride

Roger, Jane and Oliver
Ben Shermann shirt

Ian and Ann
Richard Hammond autobiography

Crisis cook-book

Mags and Alan
Bottle of Port
Shoe bag

Ann pressies from me
Nigella Lawson cook-book
DVD - Jungle Book
DVD - Rome
CD - Eagles
CD - Simply Salsa
CD - Simply Italy
Heart-shape blue necklace