Sunday, November 18, 2007

Children in Need - Norfolk, Day 2

We slept in as we were wrecked!

Up at 8.30 to a beautiful morning and the sound of screaming kids!

Down to breakfast for 9.30 - a 'full English' - lovely!

We then cleared up and headed for a brisk walk along the beach.

A mammoth walk (by our standards) as we were out for well over two hours including a walk along Mundesley Beach and then off to the Pub just up the road - 'The Trunch'. We arrived in batches. We got there first at 2pm thanks to a lift from Helen!

Had a great lunch of sausage and mash. Ann had a brie and bacon baguette. Both were excellent! We got back from the pub at around 4 o'clock ..for a bath and a sleep before the main meal tonight.

7.30 - The Main Event. Everyone had dressed to follow the theme of the evening - Bollywood. Because of the short-notice about this, we didn't get time to acquire any dressing-up gear apart from wearing a red dot on our foreheads!

We got to bed at around 1am.