Friday, July 27, 2007

London Blog

Spent the day in London today. Left home around 8am for my first meeting but Stuart McL cancelled. Arrived at the Novotel, Waterloo around 11am, so I guess that wasn't a bad journey. Stuart cancelling left me time to do a bit of work and try out the new laptop wirelessly (again!). This time there was no 'Cloud' connection around, so I hooked up to the local Orange connection (I guess this was part of the Novotel set-up). Not bad, but only a 1 meg connection this time!

Tonight, I was planning to meet some of the training gang - that's June P, Antoinette U, and Rick A at Wagamama's at the Royal Festival Hall. Wagamama's was too busy, so we went round the corner to 'Le Pain Quotidien', a restaurant specialising in organic foods. Delicious!!!!

We came out around 10pm and it was raining! A short walk towards Waterloo where I caught a cab back to the hotel.