Sunday, April 01, 2007

Meal with David and Val

We met up with David and Val and had a great meal at the Montagu Arms in Barnwell, near Oundle. I swear their 'Monty Pie' is getting bigger!!!

We also gave them a small pressy by way of a thank-you for alerting us to the fact that we might be paying too much Council Tax. We were, and we received a generous refund for ten years of overpayment. The pressy was the 'iRec' - a small device that allows recording from any AV device (like a TV or DVD player) straight to the iPOD. It took a bit of setting up, especially the software part for their PC and we also discovered that they'll need a new TV as the current one doesn't have the right sockets on the back. Still, we managed to record straight from DVD to iPOD as part of the experimentation!