Friday, January 05, 2007

XDA alarm problem solved (for good?)/Nicki staying over/Medication Review

Bugger! Looks like my XDA is playing up again - the alarms aren't sounding. This time though I've got it sussed...

- Sync all diary data with Outlook
- Hard reset the XDA
- Restore last known good back up (but not the PIM data)
- Sync with Outlook
- Run Bruce Jackson's EXCELLENT utility 'PMClean' for clearing up alarm problems with WM5 devices. Get it HERE

Ann's friend Nicki is staying with us for a few days. She bought us a nice pair of art-deco style candlesticks - very nice!
Had my annual 'medication review' with Jane at the Health Centre. Cholesterol - spot on, Blood Pressure - perfect. Everything else is fine although I appear to have put on a stone in weight in the last year - Mr fat bastard!!! :) I need to go on a diet of some kind...