Monday, November 20, 2006

Holiday - Day 1

A good run in the car. We used the Toll Road and it only took around and hour-and-a-half to get to Telford. An overcast day, with rain on-and-off.

We spent most of the day shopping, getting the final lot of Christmas pressies in the Telford shopping centre. We've still got a few to get, but we've taken care of 99.9% of them all now!

We got to the cottage around 3.15 which was 45 minutes too early to check-in - we're staying in the Flat above the Museum shop. It's situated just a few yards from the Iron Bridge itself which used to be a toll-bridge. Two shillings for a cart and up to six horses. A ha'penny for pedestrians. No prices for a Ford Mondeo! :)

We took a short walk down the hill and stopped off at 'Truffles' for a well-earned pit-stop - Earl Grey tea, hot chocolate and a couple of slices of cake!

We're eating in, having stocked up on M and S ready meals. We plan to start the Christmas cards tonight - we'll see as we're both knackered!!

(A few more photos HERE)