Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Britain's Biggest Blog

The National Trust is encouraging people to record a diary of their day on a website, as part of what is being called "Britain's biggest blog". The blogs will then be stored by the British Library and at other locations.

There are more details HERE at the History Matters website.

So, here is my day....

A very ordinary one!...

Up at 4am to check emails

5.35 am Dropped Ann at the station to pick up the train to London.

8.45 Took the cats (Biscuit and Bon-Bon) to the groomers for their normal six-weekly 'wash-and-brush up'. Last time was 22 July and we've probably left it a bit late this time as Bon-Bon's coat has become quite notty...

9.30 Worked from home getting ready for the 'Business Report Writing' workshop tomorrow in Solihull. Also prepared my Trainer notes for the 'Leadership' Workshop running in a few weeks' time in Daventry

2.00 Unusually, the cats weren't ready for pick-up at 2, so I twiddled my fingers alittle in the afternoon

5.00 The cats are ready for pick-up! Yippee!!!

5.30 The cats look great - and smell great too! :)

6.30 Picked Ann up from the Station

Watched a bit of TV

Went to bed around 8.30. Feel like I've got a cold coming!