Thursday, September 28, 2006

Day 6 - Civatavecchia

Up at 7 this morning, literally as we docked in Civatavecchia. A relatively early breakfast and then on the coach to the entrance to the docks. We then took a short walk to Civatavecchia railway station to get a train to Rome We know the route well! It's only about an hour away and only costs 9 Euros - bargain!

Once we got to Rome, we headed for St Peter's square together with 5 million tourists. The queue for going inside was four miles long so e skipped the queue and walked out legs off heading for The Parthenon. En route, we took in a nutritious meal at McDonalds (fish for Ann, chicken for me).

By the time we got to The Parthenon, we were knackered and after a quick look round, grabbed a taxi back to the station. Every time we've visited Rome we've encountered some sort of Demonstration that brings the traffic to a halt. Today was no exception and the taxi driver had to drop us a short walk away as the whole of Rome was grid-locked due to zillions of Public Sector workers marching to somewhere! A well organised lot with whistles, horns and blue flags. Not sure the taxi drivers support them though.

An hour or so later, we were back on board ship looking for a new pair of feet each!! A quick drink and a chance to recharge our batteries for eating tonight :)

The in-room movie is 'The Da Vinci Code' - seems wholly appropriate and I might watch it if I've got the energy.

Livorno tomorrow...