Monday, September 25, 2006

Day 3 - All at Sea

We didn't get up until 8.30 this morning - I think that's a record!!! :)

We're at sea all day today on our way to Sicily. So we're heading down the east coast of Italy in the Adriatic round the heel of Italy into the Ionian Sea.

A full English breakfast in the restaurant before the great challenge of sun-bathing this morning. :)

The day's a little overcast and windy but when the wind drops it's still very warm. We spent just an hour-or-so on deck sunbathing and then off to the restaurant for lunch.'s a tough life at sea...

'Mission Impossible III' is on the in-room movie channel this today. I want to try and see that if I can.

Talking of impossible missions, we heard from Ursula (the guest-relations manager) that they've found our luggage and will be attempting to re-unite us all tomorrow. :)

It's a formal (dress) night tonight and we don't think the bedroom slippers and t-shirt will get us very far! So, we plan to 'eat-in' and try out the menu in the comfort of our room.

More tomorrow...