Sunday, September 11, 2005

French Holiday: Day 9

Started off visiting the Naval ship yard in Rochefort where they are rebuilding L'Hermione, an 18th century Frigate.

Visited Ile De Re, the beautiful island across a recently built bridge that connects it with the mainland west coast. 16.50 Euros to get across, free to get back.

In an effort to build rapport with the local police, I checked out their tolerance of speeding Brits and acquired my first speeding ticket abroad! A meagre 142 kph in a 110 zone resulted in a 90 Franc on-the-spot fine! If I'd been French, I would have also earned two points on my Licence, but obviously, the French system doesn't 'talk' to DVLA, thank goodness...

Lunch on the Island consisting of 'Galettes' - a sort of buckwheat-based crepe full of savoury stuff. Scrummy!

Finished off at La Rochelle, where coincidentally, we visited about this time last year.

We pack tonight, for our trek tomorrow towards the Loire Valley...

More holiday photographs HERE