Monday, June 18, 2018

Laptop Coaching: eMail (Part 2)


Today, in the second of our ‘communicating using technology’ Lessons, we continued looking at eMail ‘Best Practice’ with Windows 10.

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Saturday, June 16, 2018

From Dubrovnik via Kettering to Paris!

Well not quite… read on loyal Reader…

What a treat! Our good friends Mick & Jane who we’d last bumped into in Dubrovnik - as you do - invited us to join them today for lunch at the rather swanky Paris House Restaurant for lunch. The restaurant is located on the Woburn Estate amongst 22 acres of Deer Park - and it made for an impressive entrance..!

Click on the pic for directions

Who knew? - not only do Michelin make tyres, they also give out stars for Restaurants. This may only have one, but it was still pretty good!
A six-course meal followed, with an optional extra course of Cheese (which we declined, based on the predicted imminent expansion of our waistlines!).

Phew! We made it to the Pineapple Cake and it was all a thoroughly enjoyable experience with our taste-buds given a complete workout during each Course. Top marks for the Service and of course, to the Chefs, who clearly had every intention of delighting us! What an experience!

Although you made need to take out a second mortgage to cover the Bill, it’s one of those places that has ‘special’ written all over it - and just perfect for a unique celebration of any sort.

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Friday, June 08, 2018

Dubrovnik (Croatia): Day 6 - Reflections…

Arrival in Dubrovnik
(Last Saturday)
The Old City Walls
Day 1 (Sunday)
Cable-Car and a Hidden Gem
Day 2 (Monday)
Day 3 (Tuesday)
Island Tour of Lokrum
Day 4 (Wednesday)
A Walk around the Headland
Day 5 (Thursday)

Morning Reader! It’s our last full-day at Hotel Lapad in Dubrovnik, so thanks for stopping-by and reading the final Blog!
If you want to view just the Photos from our holiday without any of my chat/commentary, click HERE - and if you missed any of my daily Blogs, use the links at the top of the page.
I’ve been getting over 60 reads-per-day so far - and on one particular day, over 80, so…
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As it’s our final day here in Dubrovnik, we didn’t do very much at all - a very enjoyable lazy morning. We spent it in the Hotel Garden soaking-up the (rapidly disappearing) rays. I caught up with many of my Radio 4 Podcasts including R4’s The Media Show and the US-based Android Central Podcast, whilst Ann caught up with news back home and various novels. Ultimately of course, there was the ‘joy of packing’ - but we’ve got that down to a fine art now!

The View from Sun-lounger No.3
The weather is deteriorating (ever-so-slightly) with rain - even thunderstorms - forecast for Saturday, so maybe tomorrow is a good time to be heading home!
It’s perhaps then, a perfect opportunity to reflect on our very first visit here to Dubrovnik.
So, here are our 20 ‘top-tips’ for first-timers here…
  • English is widely (and very well) spoken
  • Dubrovnik is very clean (we saw a home-owner sweeping up petals!)
  • It also feels very safe - especially at night
  • There are plenty of Restaurants (from ‘fine dining’ to ‘fast’). They are ALL popular, so it’s best to book in advance
  • Croatians tend to eat late(r), so if you want to guarantee a Table, eat before 8.30pm
  • Restaurants prefer cash, then cards, and if you’re lucky, Euros (but don’t rely on the last one)
  • Local currency is the Kuna - about 8-to-the-£
  • Expect Waiting Staff to take their job very seriously
  • There is only one dog here - a German Shepherd - it changes owners every few days
  • There are hundreds of cash-machines
  • Cash-machines are outnumbered by cats
  • Sunset is approximately one hour earlier than back in the UK
  • It’s cheap - and easy - to travel by Bus (but make sure you sit near the red request stop button to avoid jeopardising your exit)
  • Queuing is a relatively new concept here - especially if you’re under 20
  • Driving style tends towards the erratic; indicators appear to be optional
  • Most drivers are respectful of those using zebra-crossings, but it’s not a ‘given’
  • The Old City Walls are a must-do, but better on a day when it’s below 25 degrees
  • Expect ‘tourist prices’ in the the Old City
  • Free wi-fi is NOT a given when out and about in shops and restaurants, but in Hotels, it’s fast, reliable and free. No 4G though!
  • The weather during our stay, was more like August, according to the locals
“Doviđenja Dubrovnik, Croatia!”

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Back to Blighty tomorrow then!
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Thursday, June 07, 2018

Dubrovnik (Croatia): Day 5 - A Walk around the Headland

Arrival in Dubrovnik
(Saturday, 2nd June)

The Old City Walls
Day 1 (Sunday)

Cable-Car and a Hidden Gem
Day 2 (Monday)

Day 3 (Tuesday)

Island Tour of Lokrum
Day 4 (Wednesday)


Back again Reader? It’s good to see you!

Today is the ‘big one’. Well, it is for me! In a break from our daily No. 6 Bus journey routine, instead, how about an invigorating walk in a complete oval around the Headland?

It’ll take in the area where we discovered all the Restaurants a few days back, Copacabana Beach (no, not that one, this one) and some stunning views out to sea.

We’ve taken photos as often as we can, to give you an idea of the views, and where possible provided some comments along the way.

All-in-all, here are the stats:-

The total distance covered was 3.2 miles, and it took us just over two hours to complete (obviously no running but the climbing part will become obvious later! - ooo err!)

09.58am: We set off later than usual this morning, and it was already 24 degrees as we hit the trail.

10.05am: Through the shortcut, five-minutes away…

10.15am: A quick study of the local map (Click on it for a larger view)

10.15am: Heading in the direction of the gazillions of restaurants…

10.17am: Past the rather swanky Hotel Zagreb

10.20am: Followed by some more modest affairs…

10.22am: …and then the fantastic views began…

10.29am: …and there’s more..!

10.35am: …and more…

But then it all went wrong!

Even though the map showed the route round the Headland back to our Hotel was direct - they’d missed one piece of vital information!!

10.45am: This direct pathway wasn’t finished yet.

How do we know this? ‘Spiros’ the Lounger Attendant at one of the posh hotels where we paused, told us (as we prepared to walk on) that we had a dead-end coming up, and we had to ‘turn round’ and ‘go to the top and find the road…’. More easily said than done, as most of these Hotels are built into the rock-face, so ‘up’ is normally a VERY long way err, up! …especially if you’re not a hotel resident and therefore can’t go through the Hotel!!

It’s not easy to be exact about where it all ‘stopped’, but it was near the Beach for the President Hotel.
Actually, now where I’ve zoomed into Google Maps, there is an unfinished path showing! Doh!

We eventually found our way to the ‘summit’ (via a car-park and un-made track) and swapped notes with a couple of other Brits (also lost) but were heading in the opposite direction to us. Ten minutes later, we now had a plan… and a route too!

Coincidentally, the route led us directly past a local Bar!


11.05am: …well, it would  have been rude not to try out the ale!

11.35am: Next stop Dubrovnik’s own Copacabana Beach

Superb white sand that almost looked artificial (but wasn’t) with plenty of Umbrellas and Loungers. Be careful though, some visitors have reported very expensive prices for the hiring of this stuff!

We now knew we were on the right path, having passed by Copacabana Beach, but it was comforting to see a sign-post too!

11.40am: The beautiful views of the sea and varied foliage returned, as we continued round the Headland. We were now over halfway - and it was beginning to feel like it! The temperature was now up to 28 degrees (but at least there was a cool breeze from the water).

11.45am: Beautiful!

As we got closer to our Hotel, the view changed. As our path moved more inland, we started to see more houses as the route turned towards the road that would lead us back to our Hotel. Still, there was just one last chance to admire the view from the comfort of a conveniently placed seat…

11.50am: A stunning view of 518m Franjo Tuđman Bridge.

11.55am: Almost there…

12.10pm: Phew! We’re home…

Duration: 2 hours, 10 minutes

Temperature: 28 degrees (mostly)

Distance: 3ish miles

Smug Factor: 11

Just time for a siesta in our Room before heading for a sun lounger in the Hotel’s Garden for the rest of the afternoon.

The View from Sun-lounger No.14

7.25pm: For eats, it was a welcome return to Casa Restaurant (just round the Headland).

…a great view (again)…

…with great food (again!)

…and a Cat for company (again!)

10.05pm: That’s it for today!

It’s our last full day here tomorrow before we fly home early Saturday morning - we’re going to spend it in the Hotel’s Garden soaking-up some rays and catching-up with our reading.