Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Tablet Coaching: Essential Routines

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Today we spent time looking at a number of ‘essential routines’ that should be carried out to keep your Tablet performing to its best.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Laptop Coaching: 1 to 1 Tuition

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Today, we left the lesson-plans behind and carried out 1-to-1 sessions for each member of the Class.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Sunday Sondes

It was a welcome return with David and Valerie to the Sondes Arms today for their Sunday Lunch. We haven’t been here since last October, and it was just a busy as I remember it. Their reputation for serving massive, high quality portions for their Sunday Lunch obviously still continues!

Sonde Arms
As we arrived, the queue for the various roasts was already snaking round to the Bar as it seemed that most of Northamptonshire was already here!
After ordering our drinks we were quickly shown to our table and were soon checking-out the Menu.

Whilst David, Valerie and Ann opted for the Roast, I chose the Scampi – well, at least I didn’t have to queue for mine!

As expected, all our meals were super-delicious! We all opted NOT to have a Dessert (given how full we were feeling) and instead, headed back to theirs for a relaxing Sunday afternoon cuppa. And that’s where we stayed for an hour-or-so catching-up with each others’ news.

Lunch with friends, a good meal, a Sunday cuppa - there aren’t many other combinations that make it a great Sunday for us!
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Friday, August 18, 2017

Victoria and the Chinese

It was off to our favourite City today - London – to catch-up with the Palmer side of the family and to meet Connie (Dad’s ex-work colleague) for our annual Summer get-together (a bit late this year – June in 2016).

We drove over to Bedford and arrived just before 10am. We managed to get on the East Midlands Train to St Pancras International (I’m pretty sure that our ticket didn’t allow this, but we came clean with the Ticket Inspector Revenue Protection Officer, who hinted we were OK!! – but I still think we were on the wrong one for our ticket-type!!!)

As usual, our meeting-place-of-choice was the rather splendid Grosvenor Hotel, a short walk from the ever-improving Victoria Station and home to my first blog back in May 2004!


Looking good Grosvenor!
And yes, the area around the Station is certainly looking a lot brighter and cleaner these days! There’s still plenty of renovation and redesign work going on, but one of the major changes was that our exit from the Tube brought us out further up the road nearer to the new(ish) shops at Victoria Place Shopping Centre.

After a quick mooch round M and S and then a coffee, we walked back towards the Hotel, immediately noticing that ‘Little Ben’ had had a makeover – and very splendid, it looked too!

Quite apart from the celebration of us simply getting together, there was additional reasons this year! Frankie had excelled during his exams and managed to bag a place at King’s College, London and Neil, my brother, had managed to lose over five-stone in weight as part of his ‘get fit’ campaign.

We arrived just after 11.35, closely followed by Neil and Debbie, and then Connie. After a quick exchange of news we headed for Grand Imperial restaurant and were offered a spacious circular table away from the crowd.

We all opted for the Set Menu, and we weren’t disappointed…

My Starter: Spicy Chicken Dumpling

My Main: Roast Duck

My Dessert: Fruit Tart with Aloe Vera Jelly

Yummy! We finished off with Jasmine Tea for the girls whilst Neil and I ‘took on’ the coffee – I say ‘took on’ as it was super strength and even with a whole jug of milk, it still tasted more Turkish than Chinese!!
Confused smile

By 2.15, we were done! We’d had a great lunch and lots of chats about this-and-that – perfect, just perfect!

We said our goodbyes on the concourse at Victoria and headed for our respective Stations. Our connections worked really well, and we were home exactly two-hours later. All-in-all, a great day with friends and family.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Tablet Coaching: Core Apps – ‘Camera’

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Today we looked at another Core App installed on all Tablets – The Camera.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Laptop Coaching: eMail (Part 3)

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Today, we concluded our look at using the eMail App on a Windows 10 Laptop.


Saturday, August 12, 2017

La Picnic

It was our annual trip to Lunaflix’s outdoor cinema presentation tonight – the Film? 2016’s La La Land; the venue? Boughton House. We’d been here last year to see Pretty Women and I immediately noticed this time, it was much better supported (with apparently, over 400 tickets sold – last year it was more like 200!).

August in Northamptonshire means keeping an eye on the weather forecast – constantly! – and although it was a dry evening, it got cool really quickly as the evening wore-on. Good job then we’d packed the right clothing! (in short: one of everything and a pair of gloves too!)

We made more of an event of this year as we were joined by our good friends, Paul & Sue and Geoff and Rhonda. With each of us taking a specific chunk of the picnic to prepare, we ended up with a table that was truly Olympic standard! – all that was missing was the candelabra! (Although we did see a group with solar lights surrounding their space!)

La La Land

Just after 9pm, as the sun went down and we packed away our picnic, Simon, the organiser treated us to some bonus footage – the ‘Singing in the Rain’ scene from err, the 1952 film: Singing in the Rain (luckily, that was the only rainfall we saw tonight! – and a complete contrast to our recent firework event a few weeks back)

And then, it was the main event. Like last year, the picture and sound quality was just amazing (techy note: Blu-ray disc and a high-end front-projector)

And 128 minutes later, it was all over. Was it any good? Well, I think our Jury’s ‘still out’! Personally, I loved it! You can’t beat a good ‘Boy-meets-girl… Girl loses boy… Boy-gets-piano’ type story – everyone else in our group though had different views - a bit like Marmite then, this one - and fair to say it didn’t enjoy universal appeal!

  to  then!

If you’ve been living under a stone since its release, and you’re curious, I’d say give it a go. And if you do make it to the final act, don’t think of leaving before the credits roll, believing you’ve ‘got it’ – there’s a ton of ‘stuff’ going on in the final 10 minutes! One more thing to add: I think the outdoor cinema experience with everyone enjoying the (relatively) good weather, their food and their drink and of course each other, probably made the overall experience better!

All-in-all then, another great night out, with friends, with a picnic and a film – is there anything better?
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