Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Tablet Coaching: Google Search

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Today, we looked at the features and benefits of using the Google Search Bar on an Android Phone/Tablet.

Laptop Coaching: Windows Update

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Today, we discussed the features of the still-rolling-out ‘Fall Creators Update’ to Windows 10.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Laptop Coaching: The Perfect Password

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Today, a repeat performance of our very popular session covering the creation of virtually uncrackable (but easy remembered) passwords!

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Return to Netherfields

After last night’s late-night curry-fest with the Costellos, what could be better than a lie-in this morning? Well nothing actually, but instead, we sped off to Nick and Celina’s to continue with helping them re-model their garden. After a quick faff-around in the kitchen clearing up the final debris, we hit the road early and arrived just before 9.15am.


The four of us soon got stuck in – pruning, digging, dumping, planting and re-planting, stopping only for the short break for a cuppa and then a ‘picnic on the lawn’ around 1pm.

My goodness, we got so much done today, and even though the promised heatwave never really arrived (probably a good thing!), it didn’t stop us making great progress.

It’s fair to say that by the ‘close-of-play’ just after 3, we were all ready to call it a day. And we did, said our farewells and headed home. Fortunately, our navigation around the road closure at Upplingham was a lot more successful than Friday’s near Oundle and we were home by 4.30.

A rewarding day in every sense – I feel a hot bath coming on!

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Costello Curry

We got together at ours tonight with our good friends, the CostellosTrish, John, Sean, Conor and Conor’s girlfriend Shantalle. No special reason except a perfect opportunity for one of our legendary Curry feasts!

Ann excelled with three different curries – Cod, Lamb and Chicken, whilst my contribution was a much simpler (and always popular) - Bombay Potato.

Kick-off was at 7pm, but Conor and Shantalle had some sprog-issues and arrived just after 8. Luckily we’d held back on cooking the Starters, so by the time everyone was assembled, everything was ready, on time and perfectly cooked!

Did we have enough food? Well, it looked like enough for the whole street when we were preparing it all. However, the hearty appetites of three 20-somethings plus the opportunity for seconds, and in some cases, thirds, meant that any concern about whether we’d fit  the left-overs in the fridge afterwards were unnecessary. It’s always good to cook for those with very healthy appetites!

Midnight came and went - as did 99% of the food - and after giving Trish and John their gift of a coloured lighting kit for their soon-to-be revamped kitchen, we said our goodbyes leaving just the clearing-up to do. That’s normally my specialist area, so whilst I assembled the queue for the dishwasher and sink, Ann retired to the safety of the duvet!

It was a great fantastic evening, and good to meet Shantalle at last. Everyone did the food justice (that’s always a nice compliment) and we had some good laughs along the way. By the time I got to bed, it was just after 1am – and that’s pretty late for me! Still, more than worth it though!

Early start tomorrow!!

Friday, October 13, 2017

The Falcon and Fate!

We met up with Mick and Jane tonight at The Falcon Inn  at Fotheringhay. We haven’t been here for ages – back in 2008, and as it was probably our first serious pub-eatery back in our Peterborough days, we were interested to see how much it had changed.

Being Friday, the 13th, perhaps we should have stayed at home, as our perfectly ordered lives were about to play-out rather unexpectedly - Fate was to step-in later with a few surprises!!

The meal itself wasn’t too bad – ‘average’ rather than ‘outstanding’, but the service was very disorganised and lack-lustre. Still, on the positive side of things, the VERY long wait for our Starters and the (ahem!) ‘extended pause’ between courses gave us plenty of time to chat and catch-up with everyone’s news!

It’s what happened AFTER the meal that made us think we should have stayed indoors!

As we left the Pub reflecting on our disappointment, Fate presented itself in the shape of a (very unwelcome) ‘Road Ahead Closed’ sign. Trouble was, the road in question was the A605 back to the A14. ‘OK, no problem’ we thought, ‘We’ll double-back and take the back-road to Oundle’. We did (passing Mick and Jane in the opposite direction! who must have thought we’d left something back at the Pub), but after heading through Oundle town centre, our right turn back onto the A605 a few miles closer to the A14 was also met with a similar sign. There had been no warning on our journey there; in fact, the signage was pretty poor overall, and I’m sure other motorists were just as confused and frustrated as we were.

Things got worse…

In my excitement to turn around and go for ‘Plan B’ (back in the opposite direction and pick-up the A427) I spun the car round and clipped the front offside wheel on the concrete island. Apart from the thump of it all, everything seemed fine – for about 100 metres – but then the dashboard reported a flat tyre!

Ahh, perfect! Just what we needed: an unlit road, late at night, and an opportunity to test my tyre-changing skills – and I wasn’t even dressed for it! I haven’t changed a tyre for years and the darkness made it, shall we say, ‘interesting’. Still, everything was where it should be – the jack, the brace… and even the locking wheel nuts! However, in spite of Ann’s Olympic-standard torch-bearing skills, progress was slow, and as a result, I don’t think any current F1 pit-crews need worry that their single-digit tyre-swapping times are threatened!!

Back on the road, it was a slow journey home, with our speed restricted due the ‘space-saver’ style tyre (maximum 80kph). In the meantime, the knock-on effect was that our trip to MK to meet Nicki  tomorrow was now in jeopardy as we going to need to get the tyre fixed. I think we eventually got home around 11.30 – much later than we planned!

Friday the 13th – next time, I’m staying indoors!

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Dahlia Express!

Another small garden project today in the shape of lifting Denis’s Dahlias! Gosh, we don’t hang about, we left home pretty early and were on Denis’s doorstep by just after 10am! Bev arrived not long after which gave us all the perfect excuse for a coffee-break!

...and boy, has Denis got a lot of Dahlias! They’ve been in the family for generations, and with Denis now 88 years young, it’s all a bit too much for him to continue the ‘annual ritual’. Still, lucky he had the Palmer-express team on-hand – and an hour later, it was all done, and the Dahlia’s were ready for storing until Spring.

…and we even had time for Ann to plant a load of bulbs too!!

Bev was on hand to take care of lunch. By the time we finished our pottering about, we were ready for sustenance. Bev did us proud with a humungous Lamb Mince with Tomatoes and Pasta Bake, all topped off with Mozzarella and Parmesan. Unsurprisingly, it went down a treat!

..and there was probably enough left over to feed Denis for another month-or-so!
It was Christmas Pudding for afters, which we just managed to squeeze down, helped along with custard and double-cream! Yummy Yummy!

Whilst I was there, I decommissioned Denis’ PC (as he hasn’t used it for years) leaving the machine to chug away wiping the hard-disk. He also now internet-free and saving himself £15 a month! When we left around 1.45, the PC was still wiping-away, and Bev agreed to keep an eye on it.

Next stop was our local Tesco to stock-up with bits-and-bobs for our Curry Night with the Costellos on Saturday – tomorrow is going to be a BIG day of food preparation.

Food glorious food!!!
Smile Smile

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Tablet Coaching: Tweaking your Photos (Part 2)

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Today, we returned to the Google Photos App and looked deeper into how to adjust & improve the look of existing photographs.

Laptop Coaching: The Perfect Password

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Today, the ‘Holy Grail’: Creating long, virtually uncrackable, secure passwords!