Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Tablet Coaching: Garden Design Apps

Today, we used the Play Store to locate suitable Apps for designing Gardens.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Farewell to Lee

At 2pm today, we said our final farewell to our good friend, Lee.

David and I led the Service at Averil Phillips and Family’s Offices in London Road, where we’d invited all those that she was really close to:-

David and I kept the event light with more a ‘celebration of life’ than perhaps a more traditional Wake - and that seemed to work well. David’s thoroughness with the just the right amount of officialdom and reflection, blended well with my slightly comedic take on Lee’s adventures throughout her 82 years!

We opened with a favourite classical piece of Lee’s, and later we played the Star Trek theme (her fave TV series).

David had sourced a perfect non-religious piece as his reading…

"Farewell My Friend"

We finished with her coffin being taken out of the room. We invited everyone to follow the coffin to the Hearse and then give a round of applause as Lee made her final journey to the Crematorium.

Afterwards, it was a short walk to Blitz Tea-Rooms and Jazz Lounge for Afternoon Tea and in memory of Lee, including a Quiz inspired by her own, that she regularly wrote for the Residents

From the comments received afterwards, David and my ‘double-act’ was very well received! And everyone felt we’d sent her off in style.

Order of Service HERE

My Speech HERE

Arrival Music: Handel HERE

Interlude Music: Star Trek HERE

Farewell Music: Beach Boys HERE

Lee’s Star Trek & Michael Caine Quiz HERE

Monday, July 09, 2018

Laptop Coaching: Yahoo Alias and Q & As


Today we looked at the unique feature of Yahoo eMail – setting up an ’email alias’ to help control Spam and organise incoming eMails.

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Thursday, July 05, 2018

Lee’s Home

Well, it’s taken us exactly two weeks on and off (mostly ‘on’) including 12 full car loads to the Dump with 20+ black sacks of ‘stuff’, and other assorted contents, but today at 5.27pm, we finished clearing Lee’s home.

Sadly, it really is the end of an era, and all that needs removing now is all the large bits and bobs - and we’ve got the Salvation Army for most of that*.

The fridge-freezer is the only exception, and that’s going to be removed by Kettering Council…

So, Ann will be over there for one final time next week, but for me, it’s the last time** I’ll ever set foot in 30 Yeoman’s Court, Meeting Lane.

*Update 1: Wednesday, 11th July. The Salvation Army were quite picky about the bed that needed removing. As a result, they WOULDN’T take it. Luckily I found a company based in Northampton, who weren’t quite as fussy and the offending article is going to be picked up on Friday, 13th July.

**Update 2: Thursday, 12th July. Actually, as things turned out, it’s WASN’T the last time for me. We got a text today from Kettering Council reminding us they’d like all the carpets removed too! That required another trip to the Dump!

…Yes, a true end an era!
Crying face

Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Tablet Coaching: Chrome Browser


Today, we took a closer look at the popular Browsers for Android Tablets.

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Lee’s Movie Collection

Lee's Movie Collection (July 2018)

Today, was a bitter-sweet experience. Ann and I (ably assisted by David) moved Lee’s two bookcases full of Movies over to the ‘Library’, just off Yeoman’s Court Community Hall in Burton Latimer.

We reckon there is over 500 movies in her collection, and Lee has bequeathed them all (as well as all her CDs) to the Residents there. Looks like there’s enough for a ‘Movie-Night’ every night, for the next 18 months!

Monday, July 02, 2018

Laptop Coaching: The Photos App


Today, we looked at the capabilities of the free ‘Photos’ App that comes pre-installed on Windows 10.

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Sunday, July 01, 2018

Gardener's’ World

Today, we slipped into ‘gardening mode’ and headed off to our good friends Nicki and Richard who have just bought their first house together, in Banstead. We’re here until lunch-time on Sunday with a list as long as your arm of garden-stuff that need ‘sorting’.

The specific target? Their back garden - a jungle of trees, shrubs, and other assorted foliage, that’s all been neglected for quite a few years by the previous (recently deceased) owner.

Richard and Nicki's Garden (June 2018)

We left ours just after 6.30 and arrived around 8.45. It was a pretty good journey for a Saturday, but as usual, the M25 was very busy.

We kicked-off just after 10 and hit the garden hard. In the first hour, we’d made quite a bit of progress with Richard on Chain-saw and dump-run duties, whilst we three concentrated on clearing the area. The sweltering weather we’ve all been experiencing in the past week did NOT fully materialise on Saturday and that made things a lot easier with a cool breeze supporting our efforts. By 6.30pm, punctuated by lunch and more than a few beers, it was all over, and we stopped for the day to admire our handy-work.

We enjoyed Dinner in the Garden (courtesy of Nicki) and after all our hard work, the Lasagne and Salad went down a treat! We enjoyed the evening Sun, reflecting on our progress so far - and creating the to-do list for tomorrow!
Then it was feet-up in the Lounge before we all crashed-out around 9.30!

We slept well, but looking out the window, suggested that even at 6am, it was already warming-up outside. I assumed ‘Dawn Patrol’ responsibilities and spent 30-minutes-or-so, chopping up the branches from yesterday’s efforts. Ann followed shortly afterwards.

Sunday View!

Whilst Nicki sorted out breakfast!…


Richard and I then headed for the local Tip - twice! - freeing up valuable space in the Garden


By 12 noon, we’d done as much as we could. We had a quick lunch before saying our goodbyes.

It had certainly been a busy day-and-a-half! We’d achieved a lot more than we thought, although the photos above tend to imply ‘Work-in-Progress’. I even had my first go’ with a Chainsaw!
Thumbs up Thumbs up Thumbs up Thumbs up Thumbs up

We all felt a great sense of achievement by the time we ‘downed tools’ - it had been less of a clean-up, more of a transformation!

We left around 12.45 and although we knew the traffic would be bad, it was still a horrible journey home. What took us just two hours to get to theirs, going home was a different story - we eventually arrived home at 4.45pm! Four hours!!!!

Note to self: Sort out a more predictable journey home for next time!
Sad smile